What is the purpose of e-bidding?
The opportunity to offer e-bids on the National Judiciary Informatics System (UYAP) for assets to be auctioned at Enforcement and Bankruptcy Offices without any time or space constraint increases number of potential bidders, raises the asset value and protects the rights of the claimant and debtor.  

Can I e-bid for all auctions by enforcement and bankruptcy offices?
Yes. You can e-bid for all auctions by enforcement and bankruptcy offices.

What should I do to e-bid?
To offer an electronic bid, you need to sign in on the E-Sales website using an e-signature, Mobile signature or without a signature. 

In which bank should I have a bank account to be able to e-bid?
At this initial stage of the project, you need to have an account and e-banking password at Vakıfbank to offer an e-bid for assets that will be auctioned electronically.

What is the deadline for e-bidding?
You can offer e-bids until 23:59 of the day preceding the e-sales date.

Can I join the physical auction even if I have bidden electronically?
You can join the physical auction at the specified date and time as you have already deposited the security for the asset to be auctioned.
Can I view the assets to be auctioned even without an e-signature, m-signature or a no-signature sign-in password?
You can view the assets to be auctioned at without signing in. 

Can I e-bid without an e-signature?
You can offer bids without an e-signature, i.e. by using a m-signature or signing in without a signature. 

Can I deposit the security using a credit card?
No. It is not possible to use credit cards online to deposit the security for e-sales by enforcement and bankruptcy offices.

How am I going to be informed when someone has bidden higher than me?
You can get an info message by UYAP SMS system when you are out-bidden on e-sales; this SMS service is optional. You can also follow other e-bids on the E-Sales portal..

How is the security I paid to e-bid returned to me?
E-bidders with the exception of the highest bidder are reimbursed the security they have paid by the same procedure until the deadline for bids; those who are not collected as such are returned by enforcement and bankruptcy officers on UYAP after the auction is completed.

Can I give up my e-bid?
Pursuant to the Law, the highest e-bidder may not give up, but the other bidders may do so.

What is an automated bid?
The bidder may define a rate of automated raise up to the level of maximum auction amount throughout the e-bidding period and the system will raise the offer of that bidder automatically.

Is the amount of my automated bid taken into account at the physical auction?
The automated bid is valid throughout the auction. The physical auction starts based on the last amount of bid offered electronically. The amount of automated bid is not taken into account if the e-bid fails to reach the maximum limit of the defined automated bid. (Example: The opening amount of an asset is 10.000,00 TL; A initially offers 11.000,00 TL, then defines 500,00-TL increments up to 15.000,00 TL. When B offers 12.000,00 TL for the same auction, the bid of A will be raised to 12.500,00 TL in accordance with the automated bid instruction defined by A. If no one else has offered an electronic bid, the physical auction opens at 12.500, TL which is the highest bid online. If C offers 14.000,00 TL at the physical auction, then C will be awarded. Pursuant to the law, the automated bid of 15.000,00 TL A defined electronically is not taken into account.

How can I learn that I am awarded?
If, at the end of the auction, you are awarded and recorded as the awardee on enforcement screens, the award will appear under that e-bid at the section which displays your bids; you will also receive an SMS message. Moreover, you can get information by contacting the respective unit.

How can I learn the outcome of the auction even if I was not the highest-bidder?
You can learn the sales value of the auction by clicking the auction details under "My Previous Bids" if you had offered a bid or under "Followed Assets" if you had marked the asset for follow-up.

When I am awarded at an auction, do I need to pay anything else other than the auction amount?
The awardee needs to present to the enforcement offices and sales offices and pay the legal costs arising from the compulsory enforcement sales such as VAT, stamp duty, registration and delivery costs etc.

How am I going to pay the remaining amount when I am awarded?
You need to deposit the remaining auction amount in the account of the enforcement directorate or sales office..

What is the registration and delivery process of the asset hen I am awarded?
Once the auction is final, the registration and delivery can be concluded after presenting to the respective enforcement office and depositing the registration and delivery costs.

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