The last paragraph of Article 141 of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey reads; "It is the duty of the judiciary to conclude trials as quickly as possible and at minimum cost". Today the speed, reliability and efficiency of public services is proportional to the level of using IT effectively; our Ministry, therefore, intends to use the latest technology in order to provide the best level of justices services to citizens throughout the country. The National Judiciary Informatics System (UYAP) was designed by the Ministry of Justice as a scalable, multiuser and business-oriented Management Informatics System in order to improve the productivity and efficiency of the institutions. The Ministry launched the first automation activities in 1998. The IT Department was established under the Ministry in 1999 to coordinate the work. Article 22/A of the Law 2992 added by Article 7 of the Law dated 15/05/2001 and numbered 4674 describes the duties of the IT Department..

a) Save for items set out in Article 12(c) above, to set up, operate, perform or ensure performance of maintenance and repair the IT system in collaboration with relevant units of the central and local Ministry organization and affiliated agencies, to carry out related activities together with such units and to maintain coordination and cooperation on IT projects across the Ministry units..

b) To collaborate with relevant units and assess and digitize for users the judicial legislation, judgments of high courts, scientific publications, regulations by the international organizations Turkey is a member of, decisions of competent international courts and other necessary documents.

c) To create a more effective and efficient information, documentation and workflow mechanism and produce or provide software required for this purpose in line with the developments in IT technology.

d) To maintain online and offline data flow across systems and national and international level in matters within the mandate of the Ministry.

e) To ensure training of personnel who will use computers at the central and local level and affiliated agencies in collaboration with the Department of Training.

f) To cooperate with other public institutions and agencies in setting IT standards and following latest developments in IT standards and use of IT hardware and software.

g) To follow latest developments in information and communication technology and develop opinions and bring recommendations for incorporation of such developments into the Ministry.

UYAP IT System was launched as a two-phase project in 2001. UYAP I which automated the central units of the Ministry of Justice was completed in 2001. In 2002, UYAP II which automated the ordinary and administrative judiciary, forensic medicine units and penitentiaries was completed. The Court of Cassation also joined UYAP after adapting necessary UYAP software. Today, UYAP is operational in nearly 100% of all judicial units in Turkey and all judicial and administrative activities are conducted using UYAP. Another milestone of UYAP system is e-bidding for assets auctioned by enforcement and bankruptcy offices. The e-sales project was launched to facilitate any willing party to freely participate in and bid at auctions regardless of time and space by depositing the security; the project aims to increase to number of potential bidders and raise the prices of items closer to the real value.

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