Information on the assets to be auctioned by enforcement and bankruptcy offices are posted on the E-Sales Portal. You need to sign in to the system using an e-signature or without a signature. .

You need to enter your TR ID number and the verification code on the screen when signing in without a signature.  
You need to type in your e-signature password when you sign in using an e-signature.

1-E-Sales Homepage is the screen where you can view assets to be auctioned and offer a bid.

2-My Previous Bids is the screen where you can view all your previous bids..

3-Detailed Search can be used to search auction information by detailed search criteria.

4-Followed Assets provides a shortcut to assets you consider bidding for without having to need to look them up from the homepage each time you need to view them..

5-My Securities allows you to view the securities you have deposited and reclaim securities..

E Satış Ana Sayfa ekranından teklif verilmesi düşünülen ürün seçilip detay bölümünden ürüne ilişkin genel bilgiler ve fotoğraflara ulaşılabilmektedir.

On E-Sales Homepage screen, you can select the asset to offer an e-bid and view general information and pictures of the asset..To offer a bid for this asset, you need to have an account and e-banking password at Vakıfbank. If you have an account and e-banking password, you can deposit the security for the asset online and offer a bid. Moreover, you can define an automated bid for the asset so that the system will update your bid automatically when other bids are offered for the same asset.

How can I Bid?
To download the manual (Turkish) click here

Install Java for signing in using an e-signature.
To download java installation file click here

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